Friday, November 28, 2008


Just found this Count and Siden Mix.

Definitely the got me in groove at work today.

Track listing

Skream - Simple City (Tempa)
The Count & Sinden - Dock Leaf (Domino)
Emynd - Knee Deep (Unruly)
Project Bassline - Drop The Pressure (The Count Remix) (Cheap Thrills)
Frankmuzik - 3 Little Words (Island)
The Count & Sinden - Fool In Love (Domino)

Not Familiar with the Count and Siden? UK club/house duo from London formed in 2008 consisting of Joshua "Hervé" Harvey (The Count) and Sinden. They released their debut single "Beeper" featuring American female rapper Kid Sister which I'm sure you all would know if you hear it.

listen listen listen

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Anonymous said...

Local super awesome promoter Jayo brought Sinden to philly on 07 to a ravetastic crowd at Fluid night club. Oh how they SCREEEEMED. shoulda been there brahhhhhh. ;)