Friday, July 3, 2009

best of 2009 so far

Well, the year is half way over so I wanted to post some of my favorite shots I took so far this year.


Raez said...

these are amazing, your work is fabulous, and i'm in awe!

Bobby Whigham said...

thank you so much!

F Blog said...

wow amazing work!! love every photo!

LoveMarksTheSpot said...

this post is serious radness on so many levels! so glad i found it!!

actually,,just saw it on riot report,, don't think i would have ever found you otherwise.

nice work btw!!


Anonymous said...

I like the one with milk (I think) coming out of the guy's mouth. Tell me, what camera do you use?

Taylor said...

You're welcome :) Your blog and photos are amazing.

boubou said...

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camille said...

these are pretty hardcore. the milk(?) is awesome.

RainCooper said...

Every picture is amazing.

Love your work.