Monday, December 6, 2010


Some recent photos I took of my friend Katie "kmc" and I figured it was time for another brief interview.

How Long have you known me? 
I've know of you for about two years, but I didn't really get to know you until this past year 

What are you looking forward to in 2011?
killing it, working super hard, and getting used to living in nyc 

How would you tell your friends about Too Young Collection?
hottest babes in Philly, amazing work, and super good style and taste 

What's a must have you need on every shoot?
alcohol......and babes 

How would you describe your style of photography? 
bright and shiny  

What inspires you?
 everything, fashion and youth especially 

Who inspires you?

people who work harder than me and are doing just a little bit better, I'm super competitive so it makes me want to be better......and most recently you Bobby Whigham- because you reminded me why I love photography and how I used to see it when I first started shooting. I get caught up with production and deadlines and whos going to like it that I forgot that sometimes that shit doesn't matter and you just have to shoot what you like and trust your own taste.

If you could shoot any where, where would it be, and who would you shoot?
Lindsay Lohan in a hotel, right before she got arrested for having blow on her. The first time it happened.

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